5 Things: Life Coach Insights


I’m heading to California this morning to train life coaches and I’m so excited!

It’s an amazing week of challenging our minds and opening the door to new possibilities.
It’s almost magical.

The magic isn’t there because of me, or Brooke Castillo, or some mystical force.  The magic is there because of small and simple truths and basic principles.

It’s the little things that create the really big and amazing things in life. 

I’ve thought about the 5 basic things I hope everyone understands before they leave the training, and here they are (yes, write these down…)

  1. Every result in your life and relationships begins in your brain.  Thoughts create feelings, feelings drive actions, actions create results.  The easiest and most effective way to create a different result is by looking at your thought patterns and beliefs… not forcing action.


  1. Circumstances cannot “make” you feel anything.  You are not bound to a certain experience of your circumstances.  Life will hand you circumstances, and you get to choose what you create with them and how you experience them.


  1. Feelings are meant to be felt.  Avoiding them creates problems.  Fearing them perpetuates anxiety.  Welcome your feelings – the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  1. You are not supposed to be anyone other than you.  You are the coach your clients need.  You are the parent your children need.  You are the most qualified person to live your life.


  1. Don’t believe everything you think.  Yep, remember that one.  When you think you “can’t” or you “don’t know” or you are “failing,” remember that it’s just a thought.  And you don’t need to believe it.

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Have a great day, one thought at a time…

-Molly Claire

Mompreneur, Life Redesign Coach