I remember it vividly.  Sitting on my bed every night in the weeks after filing for divorce, with a pit of fear in my stomach.  I knew it couldn’t last forever, but it didn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.   Prayer offered some comfort and relief, but the fear wouldn’t go away.  And I knew there was no getting around it – I simply had to go through it.

I’m Molly, a divorced Mormon mom, and I don’t sit with fear anymore. I’m whole, strong, happy, full of love, and full of life.     

I’m your coach, here to show you how you can move through this too. Your life and what’s in store on the other side of this… can be amazing. 

I’m here for YOU, because the truth is… you don’t have many places to turn.

You are hurting, worried, and overwhelmed.  And no one really understands.

You feel out of place at church and you wonder what everyone’s really thinking.  You feel conflicted with the doctrine around divorce and wonder, what do your temple covenants really mean now?  You feel discouraged that your family isn’t the ideal.  And you’re worried about your kids.

You’re afraid to be the sole breadwinner.  You’re afraid to fail at your most important calling – being a mother.  You aren’t sure what your future holds… and you feel so alone.

And no matter how supportive your bishop or your congregation wants to be… no one really knows what to say.  So often as a divorced Mormon mom, you just want to hide.

I know how you feel and I can help you. 

There’s no need to hide; you are going to be okay.  

I have the coaching tools to help you heal and navigate this entire process.

I’ll help you process all of the emotional turmoil so you can become even stronger.  I’ll guide you through the grieving process so you can move forward with new hope for the future.  I’ll help you create a positive relationship with your ex-husband, no matter how challenging the circumstances are.  I’ll serve as your guide and mentor as you step into new roles in your life, become the sole-provider, and maintain strength and support for your kids.

So much is in store for you.  The pain will pass.  Resentment and anger can be released. Fear of judgement can be alleviated. Possibilities for a happy life – are endless.

I thought long and hard before opening myself up about my own story.  It would have been so much easier to stay only partially exposed; why bother with something so personal?

Because hiding is hard.  Being a single mom is hard.  And you deserve so much more.

I’m Molly.  I’m a divorced Mormon mom.  And I’m not hiding.  How about you?

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