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Single Success

I’m training Master-coaches this week and a few of them are single moms. They are creating a business. Refusing to let what seemed like past failures get in the way. I see their strength and I remember, yep – those are my people. The “I’ll keep going until I figure it out.” type. The ones […]

Single Mom

Yesterday my son told me I’m resilient. “Really?” I asked. I don’t feel very resilient. I often feel like a wimp. And I get emotional about things. And I feel like I don’t always handle life very well. Can you relate? He told me that’s not true. He said I’m tough and resilient. And you […]

Deep Regret

Do you ever feel deep regret about your past marriage? Regret about what you did or didn’t do? Regret about not being able to make it work? Regret about a million and one things and the fear that it’s impacted your kids? I totally get it. Last week I had some of that deep regret […]

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teen trouble

I love my teenagers. And all the teenagers that come and go at my house. A lot of people don’t feel that way about teens, I know. It’s hard when they do all the teenager things we don’t think they should be doing. Really hard. But the only thing that gets in the way of […]


I miss my kids

My kids are spending time with their dad for 6 weeks and I really miss them. When I have them all the time, I wish I could have a break. I want them with me. And I want a break. And the grass… always seems greener on the other side of the fence. Can you […]