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35 years ago

This mug pictured here was a gift from my mom on Valentine’s day when I was 5. I woke up to this mug full of candy, but my mom was already gone… at work before the sun was up. I’m pretty sure she worried she wasn’t doing enough as a mom. As a single mom […]

can’t sleep

I’m so excited about my life that I can’t sleep. I’m not saying that because my life is better than yours. And it’s not because my life is perfect either. I’m telling you that because my life was not so different a couple of weeks ago, and yet I’m feeling so different. And I want […]

Interview with LDS Sex Therapist Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

In this episode, Molly explores post-divorce questions specific to members of the Mormon/LDS faith with well-known marriage and sex therapist Jennifer Finlayson-Fife. They talk about the challenges of being a faithful Mormon committed to keeping covenants, while also being an adult who has experienced a sexual relationship before. Molly asks about common concerns and questions […]


it’s hard

This week my son told me, “life really sucks right now.” And sometimes, it does. In our new neighborhood he has no friends, school seems to be the worst, and he really misses his dad too. He’s told me that he doesn’t think he has anything to look forward to. And I know just how […]


coming back to life

I’m coming back to life. No, actually – I came back to life all in one day – just like that. Last week, after months of struggling, I finally had that magical moment of clarity with my coach about what I need to do. Within hours I felt myself waking up, feeling like myself again, […]