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grace and space

My client Susan felt like an emotional mess this week. She’s feeling totally overwhelmed with her own emotions and she is certain that something is wrong with her. She wants to pull it together. She wants to handle life the way a “together” person would handle it. Can you relate? I certainly can. Maybe you […]

The most beautiful day (my wedding)

I got married last Saturday and the day was so beautiful. The sun, the trees, the music. So many people we love (including our crew of kids – mine and his). It’s really fun to celebrate something great isn’t it? It’s fun to create an experience, a moment in time, and to appreciate what’s good. […]


My client was feeling really fragile yesterday. She didn’t like that she felt that way. She was thinking her life was a bit of a mess. And she didn’t like that either. Feeling fragile or having your life seem like “a mess,” isn’t a problem. It’s only a problem when we make it mean that […]

Is there anyone out there?

My client Sue wonders if she will ever really find someone to be her partner. She had a great marriage for years. It was happy and connected. She loved her life. Why did it have to change? How will she find that same happiness now? Will she always be alone? These are the things she […]


Butter + Chex

My mom worked a lot when I was a kid – doing whatever it took to make ends meet. I didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with her as I wanted. But the time we spent I always loved. I remember one night she came home and said if we got ready for […]