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A new dress

My client Sarah wants to have more confidence. She questions herself a lot. She doesn’t trust herself very often. She’s afraid to say what she thinks sometimes. She’s afraid of doing things wrong. Yes, she wants to feel more confident. She believes that more confidence will make her a better mom, a better wife, and […]


This week I spoke with Janet about how stuck she feels in her life. It seems that her life is at the mercy of her ex-husband, and the courts, and everything outside of her. Honestly, she feels a little hopeless. As I listened to Janet it was so clear to me that she’s feeling totally […]


My son is in Germany right now on an orchestra trip. He keeps sending me messages in German. He’s sending me pictures of food and his smiling face. It feels like he’s growing and going his own way and I can’t believe it. I started to go down the road of – have I taught […]

1 year ago

This picture was taken a year ago. I took my kids to Florida on spring break because I was determined to give them amazing experiences, single mom or not. I refused to believe I couldn’t afford it. I refused to believe it would be too hard. I refused to limit what was possible. So, we […]


Yesterday on the podcast I talked about money. Money fears. Money beliefs. Self-beliefs… related to money. I remember when I was going through my divorce and my master coach training at the same time. My own beliefs about money were revealed to me and I didn’t like what I found. In fact, I became determined to […]