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the best years of my life

*Friday Love Note* and the best years of my life –

It’s easy to think you wasted too many years in a bad marriage.

Or that you’re starting over when it’s “too late.”

A decade. 2 decades. More.

I refuse to believe that it’s too late for me.

I refuse to believe that one day spent in my marriage was a waste.

I know with certainty that it’s not too late for you, and your marriage – was never a waste.

Every day and ever year, made you who you are.

Your marriage was work, growth, and learning.

It was a part of your process of becoming.
What if the best years of your life are ahead? What if everything up to this point was preparing you for something even better? Really think about it – what if that’s true?

It’s not too late.

Nothing was wasted.

So much is possible.

Can you see it?

Have a beautiful weekend – you deserve it!

– Molly