An Interview with Sherry Johnston

Sherry Johnston, mother of 5, shares her story and secrets to succeeding at life as a single mom.  After 19 years of marriage she faced divorce as well as the task of providing solo for 5 kids.In this episode Molly interviews Sherry about her personal challenges, secrets to creating a cohesive environment at home as a single mom, as well as dating after divorce.  You’ll be inspired by Sherry’s strength of character and her commitment to doing what was best for her family no matter what.

We’ll cover:

  • Some of Sherry’s own fears and how she moved forward
  • Her approach to providing for her kids after years of being a stay-at-home mom
  • Why doing things your way, rather than how everyone things you should, is crucial as a single mom
  • Why starbucks is a must in the dating realm


Who will you become in 2019

It’s common to set goals at the beginning of the year, but do you ever think about who you want to become?  In this episode Molly speaks to the importance of imagining who you want to be and how you want your life to be different.  Often times we set goals of achievement in an attempt to prove our worth.  We think if we do more, that we will somehow be more.  Molly shares with you thoughts on your infinite worth and how it’s not really up to you to determine your worth.  Your worth is set and any changes you make in your life are about growing and progressing as a person.  She will share with you 5 simple steps you can take to imagine the new you that you’re becoming this year.  This episode will cover:

  • Your infinite worth – why and how it’s not negotiable.
  • The difference between setting goals from feelings of inadequacy vs. creating a vision while feeling content with who you are.
  • Great questions to ask as you set your vision for the new year
  • The process of thinking in a new way in order to make the changes you want.

How to Focus on the Future

One of the most important things to do to create a happy and fulfilling future is to to be future focused in your thinking.  It’s really common to focus on the past – in fact, that’s what most of us do all of the time. We create the same results in our life because we continue to think and behave the way we always have.  After divorce, this often means staying stuck on an old relationship or fear of recreating it. In this episode Molly will help you understand how you may be stuck with a past focus and how you can change that.

She’ll cover:

  • The false idea that you are only capable of doing what you have in the past
  • The fear of recreating the past will actually keep you from what you really want.
  • The importance of belief and vision when you work toward a goal, rather than getting stuck in the “how.”
  • Believing that happiness is behind you is one of the most devastating beliefs you can have – and it’s not true.
  • Your challenging experiences will only increase your ability to have happiness and success in the future.

Holiday Emotions

This week on the podcast I talked about the strong emotions we feel over the holidays.

Sadness, anxiety, jealousy, worry… just to name a few.

My client Janet is avoiding holiday parties because it’s her first Christmas after divorce. It seems too painful to go, when she anticipates such strong emotions are sure to come up.

The only thing Janet is avoiding – is an emotion.

Think about that.

An emotion. A feeling in her body. A strong feeling… that is really scary to her.

But in truth – she can handle any emotion that comes her way.

We go to great lengths to avoid feelings because we think we can’t handle them. But we always can.

What emotion are you avoiding? What if you can allow that feeling? What if you can cry sometimes without shoving it down? What if you no longer have to fear the way you’ll feel?

What would you do then?…

Think about it.

Click to learn more about How to Handle your Emotions like a Boss on the podcast.

Have a beautiful weekend and an amazing Christmas– you deserve it!

-Molly Claire

Handle your holiday emotions like a boss

Your emotions can overwhelm you around the holidays, but they don’t have to.  The scariest thing about emotions is the fear of feeling them.  On this episode, Molly will teach you about the common things we do with our emotions and the problems that it tends to create. Avoiding emotions is the reason that we typically don’t show up in our lives, avoid setting big goals, or shut down in relationships.  Learn the 4 things we can do with emotions and how handling them in the most effective way will allow you to create the life you want.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you avoid certain situations and how you can approach them differently
  • Why the fear of emotions is much scarier than the actual emotions you’ll feel
  • How to be more solution minded, even when you get upset
  • How to create more positive emotions in your life by being willing to experience the negative.