3 things

This week I’m teaching you 3 keys to building more confidence as a single mom on the podcast – CLICK HERE to subscribe and listen.

And the most important thing I want you to know today – is that NOW is the perfect time for you to build more confidence than ever before.

A lot of people think that divorce will ruin your confidence.

Some people wonder how you can build confidence when you’re at your lowest point.

The lowest point is the best starting point in my opinion.

Confidence isn’t something that’s given to you. It’s something you create.

You create it by proving to yourself that you can do anything. You create it by deciding that you are an amazing person, even when someone else tells you you’re not.

You create it by committing to believing in yourself, no matter what.

Now is the time. Are you ready? Click to listen now.

Have a beautiful weekend – you deserve it <3

-Molly Claire

Thanks to you

Thank you so much for all you do every day.

Thanks for making sure everyone is up for school.

Fed. Dressed. Loved. Disciplined.

Thanks for doing it, even when you don’t feel like it.

Thanks for doing it, even when you’ve lost your temper and you feel like quitting.

Thanks for picking yourself back up, when you’re worried you’re failing.

Your kids might thank you one day, but don’t hold your breath.

Thank yourself. Feel grateful for who you are and all you do.

And accept this big thanks from me.

You’re doing great things every day – keep at it.

Have an amazing day, one thought at a time!

– Molly Claire


easier than ever

Next week my kids will be with their dad for Thanksgiving and it feels so easy.

The first time they were away, it didn’t feel so easy.

And the first Christmas away, seemed like the worst.

But my brain has re-framed the way we experience life, and it’s easier than ever.

I’m traveling for the holiday and looking forward to having a great time with so many people I love.

My kids will have fun and send me some great pictures.

I won’t have to cook, mash potatoes, or do dishes.

It’s so much more fun to embrace what is and love everything life has to offer.

I hope you can do the same.

Sending you so much love as you gear up for the holiday week.

Have a beautiful weekend – you deserve it!




feelings hurt

Last week I hurt my own feelings.

I used to think that other people could hurt my feelings. I thought my ex-husband could make me feel “bad.” I thought my kids could make me feel unappreciated. I gave them all of my power.

Last week my son was frustrated with his sister. He said that I’m not doing a good job parenting her. He said she needs more limits and that I never do anything about it.

And I really hurt my feelings when he said that.

I had a lot of thoughts that caused me to feel bad.

“You need to do better.” “You’re not doing enough.” “You’re failing as a mom.”

Those are the thoughts that I had, and they really hurt.

I decided to remind myself of the big wins that I have every day. And I decided to look at what small changes I want to make to do better. Because the truth is that nothing he said would have mattered, if I didn’t believe it.

If you’re feelings get hurt, ask yourself what you are thinking that’s causing you to feel hurt. Notice that your thoughts are the ones that matter. And you get to decide how you think, always.

Have a beautiful weekend – you deserve it!

-Molly Claire


unexpected family

Last weekend my daughter was baptized, and it was honestly like a dream come true.

For her, and for me.

The pictures didn’t look the way I expected they would 8 years ago.

The dream I had then, was not the dream that came true this weekend.

Except in all the ways it was exactly the same dream.

I didn’t know then that I would be a single mom.

I didn’t expect that she would have a bonus mom and a half-sibling on the way.

I didn’t realize that my in-laws, who I adore, would be “ex” in-laws.

And I certainly never would have believed that I would feel so grateful about all of it.

The dream looked so different, but the love, connection, and happiness that I really wanted – was all there.

I feel so blessed that even though things don’t always go as planned, God grants us greater blessings than we can ever imagine.

I’m so grateful that my kids get to have even more people in their life that love them.

What a gift.

Even when your hopes and dreams seem to be out of reach, the experience you want can always happen. Create the relationships you want.

Keep focused on what’s most important. Allow God to work miracles.

Have an amazing day, one thought at a time!

– Molly