royal treatment

Wednesday in my Single Mom group we talked about setting the bar high when it comes to dating. We talked about deciding what you want and not settling for anything less.

We talked about committing to only allowing people into your life who treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

And do you know where that begins? With YOU.

What do you say to yourself when you wake up in the morning?
What do you say to yourself when you think you’ve made a mistake?
When you’re stuck or frustrated, how much compassion do you offer yourself?

The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have in your life.

Make it a good one.

Be kind to you. Offer yourself compassion just because you’re human.
Give yourself the royal treatment by believing in yourself.

Have an amazing weekend – you deserve it <3

-Molly Claire


the hardest thing

The hardest emotion for me lately is guilt.
It seems I’m just swimming in it.

And it’s not a leisurely trip to the pool swim either.
It’s more like swimming upstream in the middle of a storm.

I keep working through the guilt.  And it keeps coming back.
I feel guilty that I’m not doing more.  

That I’m not more organized. 
That I don’t have endless energy.
That I’m asking for help from my sister, my neighbor, or friends. 

On and on the thoughts go – all creating guilt.

I want the guilt to go away.  I want to tell myself it shouldn’t be there.  I want to talk myself out of it.  

But instead, I’ve decided to let guilt stay there for a minute.

I’m going to stop resisting it.

I’m going to ask it what it wants from me.

I’ll find out what message it’s trying to send me.

Then I’ll determine if it’s worth listening too or not.

I know you feel guilty sometimes too.  There is no need to resist it.  And you don’t need to believe it either. 

Have a conversation with it.  Allow it to be heard.  Find out how to make peace with it, rather than fighting with it.

Let me know how it goes.  And I’ll let you know the same. 

Have a beautiful weekend – you deserve it! 

-Molly Claire



It’s your *Friday Love Note* and shame

I met an amazing single mama this week. When she found out that I was a coach for single moms, she was so excited! Then I mentioned that I focus on helping women through divorce and her demeanor changed – I could see her shrink into herself a little bit as she told me she was never married.

I imagine she thought I would have a negative judgment about that.

I recognized the shift in her demeanor and the shame that came up, because I see it in my clients all the time for a million different reasons. (I’ve seen it in myself too.)

My clients feel shame that…

They got pregnant before getting married.
Their husband cheated on them, which means they weren’t enough.
Their husband left them.
They left their husband.
They are the only one in their family who is divorced.
They think they’ve failed their kids.

So many reasons they feel shame, and yet, none of them need to be reasons to feel shame at all.

Shame is a lie always and forever. Shame tells you that you’re bad and there is something wrong with you. Shame tells you to hide. Shame will shut down the best parts of you and it’s totally unnecessary.

The list above, is just a list of evidences that we are all human. We are living a human experience, in an imperfect world, as imperfect people, relating to other imperfect people.

I love that single mom I met. I love you reading this. And I love myself too. Not because of what we did or didn’t do, but because we are humans worth loving.

Shame is a lie. Don’t believe it.

You are of infinite worth.

Have an amazing weekend – you deserve it!

-Molly Claire


Protect Your Time

*Think it Thursday* and Protect your time

If you’ve read my book then you know I talk about the importance of protecting your time as a mom.

Your kids will take up every second of it if they can. And often, we let them.

Creating time and space for you is beyond important.

It’s how you stay your own person.

It’s how you can remain patient.

It’s how you can see clearly in your life.

How are you doing with scheduling time for rest, fun, rejuvenation, and all of your other needs?

What’s in the way of you guarding that precious time of yours?

How will you make it a priority?

Think about it.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!



I love gifts.

And it’s my birthday this week too.

I love to give people gifts.  I love to gift myself.

Gifts are fun and thoughtful.  Gifts are a treat.

I didn’t used to gift myself at all.  I always went without.  I didn’t think having things I liked was a big deal to be honest.   I didn’t think my desires in life mattered much.

And one day, I started to realize- they did.  I started paying attention to what I liked and what I wanted.  I decided that I was worth paying a little attention to and that it was okay for me to do that.

The more I noticed what was important to me and what I liked… the more I found myself.  I started to have so many ideas for what I wanted in my future.  I started to come back to life after feeling a whole lot of nothing inside for a long time.

Will you give yourself the gift of paying attention to what matters to you?  I hope you will.

I’ve also got a gift for you today!  If you haven’t yet joined my membership – now is the time to get the gift of my 7 week Heal Survive and Thrive coaching course for single moms for free.  You’ll also get the first month of my membership totally free. All you have to do is enter coupon code ‘Yes2You‘ at checkout. Join here.

What a gift.  Take full advantage.  Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me.

Have an amazing weekend – you deserve it!