This week in my single mom membership group we talked about dating.

So fun, right? 
Or scary. Or fascinating.  Or however you want to look at it.

It can be crazy to think about dating again after a decade or two of marriage.  I know it was for me.

We talked yesterday about the most important first step in starting a new relationship…

Which is the relationship you have with yourself.
The relationship you have with yourself is how you treat yourself and how you talk to yourself.
It’s what you think about you and how you have your own back (or not).

If I’m kind to myself, then I’ll expect a partner to treat me the same way.
If I like who I am, then I’ll believe I’m worth being with someone who is amazing to me.

Cultivating a good relationship with yourself and practicing positive self-talk is the best first step in finding a great match for you.
Take some time to evaluate today how you treat yourself.

What things do you say to yourself on a regular basis?
Do you like those things, or do you want to say something different to yourself? 

Be your own best friend.
Look for the good in yourself.
Encourage yourself.

I promise that when you do this, you’ll invite others into your life who will treat you the same way.

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Have an amazing weekend – you deserve it.
-Molly Claire


This week I opened complimentary access for single moms to my coaching.
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One of the best parts of the group is the weekly coaching call and I want to tell you about yesterday…

Yesterday was our coaching call online and it was phenomenal.


We had 2 new women who were willing to speak up. 

They didn’t just join the group, but they spoke up to get help.  They said YES to help.
They were brave and decided that they were ready to feel better and create something better.

And so, they said YES to themselves.
They said YES to their future.
They said YES to showing up in a big way.

Getting help can be hard. Showing up can be hard. Signing up for something new and scary… can be hard.

Will you say YES anyway?

I think it’s worth it.

Join me next week and say YES to you.

Have an amazing weekend – you deserve it.

-Molly Claire


Hey Single Mamas! It’s your *Friday Love Note* and I want to tell you about LOVE.

Love is always an option.
Did you know that?

Some people seem hard to love, I know.

But the truth is that feeling something negative about other people, is really a negative feeling that you create for yourself.

When you feel annoyed at the person judging you – you are the one feeling annoyed.

When you feel outraged that someone would make an ignorant comment about the “ideal family” in front of your kids – you are the one feeling outraged.

When you feel angry at your ex about his behavior – you are the one feeling angry. Not him.

You could feel love for all of these people if you wanted to.

You could love them because they are human. You could love them because you know what it’s like to make mistakes.

You can love them because love is the best feeling in the world – and you deserve to feel it.

Love is always an option.
Give yourself the gift of loving others.
Just because you want to feel it.

Have a beautiful weekend – you deserve it.


-Molly Claire

dating after divorce

*Friday Love Note* and dating after divorce.

Last week on Facebook, I saw this hysterical quote on dating:

Dating after 40 is easy.
It’s like riding a bike.
But the bike is on fire.
And the ground is on fire.
Everything is on fire.
Because you’re in hell.

It made me laugh out loud, and yet I totally disagree.

I have a very different view on dating and because of that, I experience it in a totally different way.

Dating is so much better when you know yourself, who you are, and what you want.

It’s so fun to realize that you have a choice in who you spend your time with.

It’s exciting to know that you get to make up new rules in your life, now that “the plan” didn’t work out.

It’s full of ups and downs, but it’s the ultimate next step in self-discovery and creating a fresh start.

If you relate to the Facebook post, try a few of these on for size…

What if dating is a great way to figure out what I want?

What if dating can be easy?
What if dating can be fun?
What if doing scary things is how I get to enjoy the best things in life?

Think about it.

Have a great weekend – you deserve it!

-Molly Claire

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life’s disappointments

It’s time for *Think it Thursday* and life’s disappointments.

We all experience pain and disappointment.

Disappointment that our life didn’t turn out the way we wanted.

Pain in watching our kids suffer. Frustration in not having or achieving what we want in life, despite major efforts.

It’s normal, and yet it doesn’t make it easy.
All the pain we experience, is pain we cause with our brain.

I know it doesn’t seem to be true, but it is.
And most of the time it’s because we are believing things should be different than they are.

My son shouldn’t have autism.
My husband should want the same things that I want.

I shouldn’t have this autoimmune illness.

Sometimes reality is a tough pill to swallow.
But refusing to swallow it – makes it even worse.

Accepting reality of what’s happening and believing it’s as it should be, is one of the most magical things you’ll do.

You’ll stop fighting against what’s happening and focus all of your energy toward appreciating, problem-solving, and loving. And you just might find that there are some really amazing things happening… that you couldn’t see before.

What’s happening should be happening, because it is.

There are reasons for everything that we can’t possibly see.

Life make’s sense when you look backwards at it, but we have to live it forward.

Go forward. Trust it. I know you can do it.


-Molly Claire