How do you regret-proof your life?

Mom Life

My friend Suzy is a regret-proofing coach.

I love her message.

I hadn’t put a name to it, but I realized recently that I’ve started to regret-proof my life.

Last week I took my kids on a getaway that I’ve wanted to do for 12 years.  12 years – can you believe I waited so long?  It was a 30-minute drive and cost a little more than a car payment… and yet, I waited.

Why do we wait?  Sometimes we don’t feel we can justify spending money.

Sometimes we think there will be a “better time.”  Or that it will be “too much work,” or “too crowded.”

None of these were good enough reasons for me to put it off one more day.

I packed their bags without them knowing, picked them up early and surprised them!  I think it was more exciting for me than for them…

What have you been waiting for?  Putting off?  Questioning if it’s worth doing?

If it’s been on your mind for a while – perhaps you should consider doing it.

Take the trip. Try something new. Spend time with the people who matter the most.

My guess is, you won’t regret it.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

Motivation Must Be Created


Time for *Mindset Monday*

Let’s be honest…

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated.
Especially when we have experienced repeated failed attempts, or we feel like we are just not progressing as quickly as we’d like.

When this happens, where do we find the motivation?
Well, we don’t find motivation, we create it. 

Motivation is a feeling and our feelings are created by our thoughts.  If we believe we will make a million dollars this year, we will probably be pretty motivated to get to work.  On the contrary, if we only perceive more failures in our future … it’s hard to roll up our sleeves and dig in.

The way we think about our life and our business will determine whether we feel motivated or not. 
We often think that we need external rewards to stay motivated, but intrinsic motivation is the only lasting kind.

There are some great ways to jump start motivation, but you can’t expect them to come to you.
Here are a few easy ideas:

Hire a coach to help you with your thought patterns and beliefs.  Find a mentor to give you guidance. Listen to inspiring podcasts or read books that encourage you.

Be proactive in creating motivation and you will establish lasting patterns that will drive success. 

I hope you have a great week full of intrinsic motivation!

-Molly Claire

Mompreneur, Life Change Agent