Divorced Mormon Mom podcast is for women navigating life after divorce when their lives didn’t exactly go as planned. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Molly understands the struggles many women experience including not fitting in at church, conflict with doctrine and the reality of your life, how to create a thriving family life even when it isn’t the “ideal,” and how to have healing and hope for a bright future. Molly is a Master-Certified Life Coach and Life Coach instructor with the Life Coach School. As an Amazon best-selling author of The Happy Mom Mindset, Molly specializes in happy, confident, guilt-free motherhood. This podcast is to create connection and to empower women to raise their kids with confidence and create an amazing life they love.

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Money Fears and Beliefs

Molly shares her own fears and beliefs around money and how it’s impacted her post-divorce journey.  Your beliefs about money directly impact how much you make and also any fears you have with money.

In this episode, Molly addresses some common thought patterns her clients have and how those impact the.  How you think about money is totally optional.  And you’re the only one who knows how you want to think about money.  Take the time to ask yourself the questions in this episode to decide if your current money beliefs are serving you or if you’d like to consider believing something new.

Interview with LDS Sex Therapist Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

In this episode, Molly explores post-divorce questions specific to members of the Mormon/LDS faith with well-known marriage and sex therapist Jennifer Finlayson-Fife. They talk about the challenges of being a faithful Mormon committed to keeping covenants, while also being an adult who has experienced a sexual relationship before. Molly asks about common concerns and questions including fears with sex, complexities of dating after divorce, and sexual compatibility. Dr. Finlayson-Fife’s answers are insightful and a great reminder about the importance of following your internal compass.

This interview touches on:

  • Dating after divorce
  • Youth guidelines vs. adult decisions
  • Self-pleasure and what research shows
  • The importance of personal development and maturity
  • Sexual compatibility

Find more about Dr. Finlayson-Fife’s courses be visiting her website: http://www.finlayson-fife.com/
And you can find a link to the research sited here: http://www.finlayson-fife.com/drjenniferfife/2015/5/30/sexuality-and-singledomnavigating-with-clarity-and-integrity


How to relieve the pressure in your life as a single mom

There’s so much pressure for women to do more and be more.  When it comes to being a single mom, you may feel extra pressure to make up the difference for your kids and their life’s circumstances.  In this episode, Molly speaks to the pressures you typically feel as a single mom and how to relieve some of those pressures.  She talks about the internal and external pressures that create so much stress for you.

She’ll cover:

  • What pressure is and where it comes from
  • How sifting through your own expectations of yourself can provide you some relief.
  • Noticing patterns of achievement that wear you out, rather than move you forward in life.
  • Letting go of trying to “make up the difference” for your kids.
  • What to do when friends or family members have judgements about how you’re living your life.

How to believe in yourself

Hear Molly’s own story about her home refinance and deciding to believe in herself and her future. She shares her own doubts and fears and how she was able to overcome them.  She also acknowledges that strength and personal empowerment doesn’t come without doubts and fears to overcome.
She covers:

  • How belief in yourself can propel you forward
  • Your belief doesn’t need to be void of doubts and fears
  • The importance of borrowing on other’s beliefs in you
  • Why anyone can accomplish anything they set their mind to
  • Your divine potential and worth

An Interview with Sherry Johnston

Sherry Johnston, mother of 5, shares her story and secrets to succeeding at life as a single mom.  After 19 years of marriage she faced divorce as well as the task of providing solo for 5 kids.In this episode Molly interviews Sherry about her personal challenges, secrets to creating a cohesive environment at home as a single mom, as well as dating after divorce.  You’ll be inspired by Sherry’s strength of character and her commitment to doing what was best for her family no matter what.

We’ll cover:

  • Some of Sherry’s own fears and how she moved forward
  • Her approach to providing for her kids after years of being a stay-at-home mom
  • Why doing things your way, rather than how everyone things you should, is crucial as a single mom
  • Why starbucks is a must in the dating realm