Divorced Mormon Mom podcast is for women navigating life after divorce when their lives didn’t exactly go as planned. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Molly understands the struggles many women experience including not fitting in at church, conflict with doctrine and the reality of your life, how to create a thriving family life even when it isn’t the “ideal,” and how to have healing and hope for a bright future. Molly is a Master-Certified Life Coach and Life Coach instructor with the Life Coach School. As an Amazon best-selling author of The Happy Mom Mindset, Molly specializes in happy, confident, guilt-free motherhood. This podcast is to create connection and to empower women to raise their kids with confidence and create an amazing life they love.

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How to Focus on the Future

One of the most important things to do to create a happy and fulfilling future is to to be future focused in your thinking.  It’s really common to focus on the past – in fact, that’s what most of us do all of the time. We create the same results in our life because we continue to think and behave the way we always have.  After divorce, this often means staying stuck on an old relationship or fear of recreating it. In this episode Molly will help you understand how you may be stuck with a past focus and how you can change that.

She’ll cover:

  • The false idea that you are only capable of doing what you have in the past
  • The fear of recreating the past will actually keep you from what you really want.
  • The importance of belief and vision when you work toward a goal, rather than getting stuck in the “how.”
  • Believing that happiness is behind you is one of the most devastating beliefs you can have – and it’s not true.
  • Your challenging experiences will only increase your ability to have happiness and success in the future.

Handle your holiday emotions like a boss

Your emotions can overwhelm you around the holidays, but they don’t have to.  The scariest thing about emotions is the fear of feeling them.  On this episode, Molly will teach you about the common things we do with our emotions and the problems that it tends to create. Avoiding emotions is the reason that we typically don’t show up in our lives, avoid setting big goals, or shut down in relationships.  Learn the 4 things we can do with emotions and how handling them in the most effective way will allow you to create the life you want.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you avoid certain situations and how you can approach them differently
  • Why the fear of emotions is much scarier than the actual emotions you’ll feel
  • How to be more solution minded, even when you get upset
  • How to create more positive emotions in your life by being willing to experience the negative.

How to stop feeling overwhelmed

Most single moms feel overwhelmed way too often.  They feel like the weight they carry is too much to handle and they wonder how they’ll do it all on their own.  In this week’s episode Molly teaches you why you feel overwhelmed to begin with and how you can create different emotions instead.

She’ll share with you a few tips as well as she covers:

  • Why you feel overwhelmed
  • How to feel capable and confident instead
  • A quick and easy trick to allow you to feel more in control of your schedule.
  • How guilt creates more overwhelm, and how to release it
  • Why believing in yourself is one of the most effective things you’ll ever do in your life.

Make sure you take her up on the challenge at the end of the episode and see how it changes your life.

When you don’t fit in at church

Molly addresses the common feeling of “not fitting in” at church after divorce.  She shares her personal situation growing up in a single parent home and also her own process of divorce. The key to your experience of church is your thoughts and beliefs.  She’ll share with you the truth that no one outside of you can actually determine if you belong.  By adopting some powerful beliefs about you, your family and where you fit in you can create more connection in any situation.

She also addresses how kids fit into this picture.  It can be challenging to be around so many families that look different than yours, and still feel like you belong.  By setting the precedence for your kids you can empower them to feel accepted and loved no matter what.

Divorce early in life: An interview with Breian Elliot

In this interview episode, Molly speaks with Breian Elliot who shares her story of going through a divorce at the age of 21.  As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Breian shares what it was like to be divorced and dating again at a young age.  She speaks to the judgements that she overcame and how that helped her to become even stronger.  She shares her experience of making the decision to get divorced and the mental process she had to go through as she moved forward.

Now remarried and a mother of 6, you’ll be inspired by Breian in this interview. You’ll surely relate to some of the commonalties that Molly and Breian share and gain some insights into how you can move forward as well.