Divorced Mormon Mom podcast is for women navigating life after divorce when their lives didn’t exactly go as planned. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Molly understands the struggles many women experience including not fitting in at church, conflict with doctrine and the reality of your life, how to create a thriving family life even when it isn’t the “ideal,” and how to have healing and hope for a bright future. Molly is a Master-Certified Life Coach and Life Coach instructor with the Life Coach School. As an Amazon best-selling author of The Happy Mom Mindset, Molly specializes in happy, confident, guilt-free motherhood. This podcast is to create connection and to empower women to raise their kids with confidence and create an amazing life they love.

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My Story

In this episode, I share a little about my story of going through divorce.  I felt intense fear during that transitional time and yet I made an important decision to move myself down a path of success.  I’ll tell you about that decision and why it was so instrumental in helping me move forward.  We’ll talk about:

  • The importance of raising your hand to say, “Yes!” to being the one to take care of yourself and create the future you want.
  • The value in investing in your future with your time, energy and resources
  • The power of having a neutral perspective in your life
  • Acknowledging challenges and creating solutions ahead of time.