The Empty Belief that Anything is Possible

Anything is possible.

It’s such a nice cliché that has become somewhat meaningless.

We like to think we believe it.  But most of the time… we don’t.


As soon as things aren’t going the way we want, this belief quickly turns into a “feel good” quote that we saw on Pinterest, with no real application to our life.

What if you REALLY believed to your core that anything was possible?

I mean really believed it.

Would it be possible for you to feel empowered and confident as a mom, rather than stuck in a cycle of believing you’re not doing enough?

Would you be able to create the income you really want with your side business?

Would you be willing to take a leap of faith in order to accomplish that dream that seems just out of reach?


Take a minute and really think about how much belief you have in yourself and what’s possible.

The only limits on who you can become and what you can accomplish are limits in your thinking. 

Don’t believe everything you think.  If you want to become something, do something, or create something, don’t allow limiting “thought errors” to tell you that you can’t.

I know you can. 

If you’re ready for a complimentary “what’s possible” mini session CLICK HERE.  We will get you started in the right direction.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire

Mompreneur, Life Redesign Coach



Are You Consistent Where it Matters the Most?

Being consistent where it matters the most is the difference.

I’m extremely consistent in writing and posting for my business.
I’m consistent in my schedule with my family and how much time I spend with my kids.

Am I consistent in closing the sale?  Not exactly.
Am I consistent in the QUALITY of time I spend with my family?  Nope.

It’s great to be consistent when it comes to your goals, but even better to be consistent where it matters the most.

What is the one thing that will make you money in your business if you are more consistent with it?
What is the one thing that will improve your family life if done consistently?

Find that most important thing that will get you closer to your goals.  Then commit to do it, consistently.

Have a great week!

-Molly Claire

Mompreneur, Life Change Agent

Do it anyway: a key to success


It’s time for *Mindset Monday*

Created for Entrepreneurs, Moms, and other Life Change-Agents.  Let’s go.

As an entrepreneur, hopefully you’ve created a business that you love.

You’ve taken your passion and your gifts, and you offer them to the world.  You create your schedule.  You set things up the way you want them to be, for the kind of business you want to have.


But sometimes, you may not want to go to work.

Sometimes you don’t want to crunch the numbers.

Sometimes you’d rather do anything than what’s on your agenda.


But as a successful business owner…you do it anyway.

Part of being committed to your success is doing things, even when you don’t feel like it.

You’ve already made a decision to be consistent and create success.  Because of that commitment, come rain or shine… you do it anyway.

This week rather than debate about whether or not you will do what’s on your agenda, remind yourself of the success you are working toward, and do it anyway. 

When you start to wallow or dread, do it anyway.

When something more exciting in the moment is pulling you away from what you planned… do it anyway.

Not because you “have” to, but because you are committed to your own success.

Because you are willing to invest in you.

Make it a great week!





Increasing Focus: Create a Container

increasing focus

It’s time for *Mindset Monday*


Learning to increase focus is one of the best skills we can acquire.  Focus will not just “happen” to us.  There are a lot of ways we can increase our ability to focus and one of my favorite tools is to “create a container.”

When you are up against a deadline it’s easy to focus.  You have one thing you are focusing on and there is no other option than to get it done.

A lot of people say, “I work better when I’m up against a deadline.”

The reason for that is simple, a “container” has been created.

There is no option to do anything else.

There is a specific end time that we are committed to.

There is one project we are doing.

We are within a task and time container and we don’t allow ourselves the option of doing anything else. 

We can create this same type of container as we manage our time and projects, rather than allowing them to manage us.

Determine a time frame for you projects and schedule them like an appointment.  Decide the start time, end time, and make it happen.  Creating containers for your projects will allow you so much freedom.

You work within your containers, and live your life the rest of the time.  Sounds good, right?

Make it a great week!



Secret to Life: Messes and Fresh Perspectives

secret to life

I’ve been out of town for 10 days and came home to find my fridge a complete mess.

No, nothing actually happened to the fridge in those 10 days.  It’s just that after being away from it… I noticed how badly it needed to be cleaned out.

Did the door handles really look like that when I left?  What about that spill on the second shelf?  How did I not notice that?

This happens every time I’m gone for a while – I come home and notice all the things that need to be cleaned up, fixed, or changed… that I’ve just gotten used to.

Not just in my physical space, but in my relationships and emotional life as well.

So what’s the moral here?  Should I be careful not to ignore things that need to be fixed?  Or is it a good thing that I can shut out some messes and problems?  What’s the secret to life that I should be picking up on?

The answer is neither.  And both. And it totally depends.

I’m really glad that my brain can allow some little problems to go unnoticed.
I’m glad that I can focus on what’s most important and not get too caught up in fixing everything that’s out of place.

I’m also glad that I can get a fresh perspective to find out what things I’m not okay with having messy or neglected.  There are some things that I want to be different.  There are some things that warrant having a little extra TLC.  Perhaps a few things need to move to the top of the priority list.

What you want to get “used to” or ignore, is completely up to you and what you want in your life.

What needs to change and what’s “not okay” is totally your choice too.

That’s the real moral here – you get to decide.  You are the one creating your life.

If you haven’t done it in a while, get away.  Take a break from the day-to-day, even if It’s brief.  When you re-enter your life you will have new eyes.  Take everything in and decide what you want.  Decide what can stay on the back burner, and what needs to be front and center.  Make conscious decisions.  Create your life.  Do it with intention.

Have a great day… one thought at a time!

And yes, I DID clean out the fridge 🙂

-Molly Claire