Divorced on Facebook

Hey Mamas – here is your *Friday Love Note*

I’ve got a picture for you here today at the bottom of this email.  It’s when Facebook forgot I was divorced.

Last Saturday, Facebook reminded me that it was my anniversary.

They thought I’d like to share my post from 5 years ago.

It was a picture of my wedding with the caption, “12 years… looking forward to MANY more.”

Oops. Not so much.

Because of where I am in the process, I laughed.

I sent a screen shot to my sister and said, “Ooops. We tried.”

But of course, I didn’t always laugh.

For a long time I couldn’t. Instead I would have a pit in my stomach for the failure that it represented. I would feel intense sadness and regret that our family didn’t work.

But this time, I could see it as a nice time in my life.

I looked at my 21-year old face – full of hope and happiness. I didn’t feel sad for her anymore. I didn’t feel like she had lost everything she once wanted. Because I realized, that I have that same hope and happiness now.

Life will always throw us curve balls. A lot of them. To believe that it won’t, is to believe a lie.

It’s moments like that when we can laugh, and see how far we’ve come, and enjoy the win that make it great.

We can appreciate the good and the fun and the relationships. It will never be perfect, but the good moments are there.

If you’re not there now, just know that you can get there.

The intense negative emotions that you’re feeling now – won’t last forever. For today, just try to notice one great thing about your day. And think about one great thing that may be in your future.

Life isn’t all sunshine and roses, but there is a lot of sunshine and quite a few roses. Enjoy them when you can.

Each minute.

Have an amazing weekend, one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire