What is your membership and why should I join?

During and after the divorce process it’s important for you to have emotional support and guidance.  The membership is the long term support you need at a low price.  It offers you guidance and personal help from a Master Certified Coach who has walked the same road as you.  You’ll also be with other like-minded single moms to help you remember you’re not alone.  You’ll have new topics and personal work each month and weekly calls and emotional support.

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What is coaching? Is it different from therapy?

Coaching is a cognitive process that is different than traditional therapy.  Molly uses the latest and most effective techniques and concepts to help you heal and process your emotions, while also helping you truly move forward.  Everything we do is forward-focused and will allow you to have more personal growth that you ever thought possible.

Do you coach women individually?

Individual coaching is available, but there is currently a wait list.  You can sign up HERE to apply for a consultation, which will allow you to submit an application to join the wait list.

Why do you only coach Mormon women? Do you teach doctrine?

I coach women of all faiths and no faith at all, however my membership is geared specifically to women of the LDS faith.  I’m here to help you with doctrinal conflict, temple marriage concerns, and church culture challenges that you face as a divorced woman in the LDS church. My goal with the membership is to allow a place for you where you feel you can be understood and process through the challenges that others may not understand.

I don’t teach the scriptures or claim to be a religious leader.  I will however help you understand and apply the scriptures and the gospel in terms of what Heavenly Father has in store for you.  It’s easy to want to turn away from religion when you feel out of place.  I want to help you see that the Gospel is there for you now more than ever.  I’ll support your current beliefs, but will not impose any upon you.

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