When you feel alone. Maybe it’s okay.

It’s time for *Think it Thursday,* and sometimes you feel alone.


Lately there’s been a lot of change in my life.

People moving. Relationships changing. Shifting happening.

I see it all and I know it is exactly how things are supposed to be.


That’s one belief I’ve solidified for myself over the last several years; whatever is happening, should be happening.  I don’t argue with reality anymore.

I trust in the process of life, which gives me a lot of peace.


And yet, I’ve found myself feeling that familiar feeling of being left out, left behind, and even alone.

My clients often feel left out when it comes to friendships.  Alone when they see other people that have a good marriage, and they don’t.  Left behind when everyone else seems to be getting what they want, and they’re not.

Today as I’m feeling this, I know that the feeling won’t last forever.  I know it’s just my brain telling me that I can’t have what I want or that this will never get better.

I know these thoughts aren’t true, even if they feel true today.

And yet, for today, I’m going to allow the feeling.  It’s okay to feel alone for a day. It’s not permanent and it’s not a reflection of what’s true about my life or my future.

After all, if I don’t feel alone sometimes, then I’ll never appreciate the millions of times that I feel loved and valued.  I won’t truly appreciate it when I’m surrounded by people I love like crazy and feel totally satisfied with life.

Alone is okay.

It’s not permanent.

It’s a reminder of how great the good times are. 

-Molly Claire