How do I get what I WANT in life?

Do you know what you want?  Most of us don’t.

Which is why we don’t have it.

Most of us approach life sifting through want we don’t really like, and end up feeling dissatisfied with our relationships, finances, or employment.

It’s like a casual shopping spree where nothing really stands out, this doesn’t look good, that’s not your color… but you’re not really sure what you want to begin with. 

Kids are pretty good at wanting (sometimes too good).

As a kid, I loved it when my mom would take me to Baskin Robbins.  I always knew exactly what I wanted – pink bubble gum favor.  It was easy to spot and I got exactly what I wanted.

Somewhere along the way in my life, I quit even thinking about what I wanted.  I’d met most of my “big” goals and I just kind of stopped.

I was surviving being a mom, sifting through the details of life, and didn’t really have time to think about “wanting” something.

Unmet hopes and dreams can also lead us to quit wanting.

This is when we settle for what life’s handing us, unaware that we can continue to want and create greatness. 

This is when we walk into Baskin Robbins and think,

“Hmmm, that looks boring.”

“No, definitely not sugar-free.”

“Can’t do nuts since I’m allergic…”

We spend all of our time ruling things out, without knowing what we are actually looking for.

How is it possible for us to be satisfied in our life if we have no idea what we want? 

So today, ask yourself, what do I want?

Allowing yourself to want can be a really good thing.  It helps you discover what’s important to you.  It helps you set goals and reach toward them.  It helps you move toward something more.

Oh, and by the way, the best place to start is thinking about all of the things you want, that you already have. 

Want what you want.  Appreciate what you have.

Have a great day… one thought at a time!