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kids in my bed

It’s your *Friday love note* and kids in my bed –

Yesterday in my Single Mom Group, Katie was feeling guilty about letting her kids sleep in her room.

She said it’s easier to have them stay with her than it is to battle bedtime.

She feels bad telling them to sleep in their own bed since they are having to deal with the sudden nature of her divorce.

But she also feels guilty that she doesn’t have more structure at bedtime.

She feels guilty if they are in her bed.

She feels guilty if she enforces a routine and has them sleep in their beds.

Either way, her mind is creating guilt.

We decided to remove the guilt and see what she actually wanted to do.

She wanted a routine. She wanted them in their own bed.

We decided she could feel confident and empowered about her decision, instead of guilty.

When she parents with confidence, her kids will feel more secure.

She’ll show up the way she wants to. And set things up in a way that works best for her.

For a while I let my kids stay in my room and it was totally fine.

Then I decided it was time to come to an end.

Either way I could feel good about the decision.

Either way, my kids could know that I loved them.

Where are you feeling guilty?

If you could release the guilt, what decision would you want to make?

Think about it.

Click here for a “clear the guilt” mini session with me.

BTW – here is a pic of my full bed! Great memories of just keeping my kids close 😉

Have an amazing weekend – you deserve it <3

-Molly Claire