Lesson Learned

It’s time for your *Friday Love Note* , because you deserve it.

I used to think I was “less than” a lot of people.

I used to put some people above me as if they deserved more.

They were smarter or deserved more money.

They were more likeable. They were better than me.

I don’t feel that way anymore.

I’ve been in a 3 year period of hyper-growth personally. I’ve been becoming a new person who is more of everything she wants to be.

And it’s possible for you too.

Coming out of a bad marriage or a bitter divorce can leave you questioning everything.

And this, Is good news.

When you question everything, you get to decide everything.

You get to decide who you are and what you’re worth.

You get to determine the level of success in your life that you can achieve.

You’re the one who creates your life based on your own self-worth and belief in what’s possible.

Yes, you.

Have an amazing weekend, one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire