Mom Life and Let’s Get Breakfast

Mom Life

This morning I was giving myself a bit of a pep talk to get out of bed. We had a late night ball game and were behind schedule.

I needed to get up and get my ducks in a row.  Breakfast, lunches packed, car loaded.  Mom life in full swing.

Just then my 5-year old bounced in the room, “Can we go get breakfast today?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the timing of it – she had no idea that we were in a time crunch.  No idea that we had responsibilities and time commitments.  It seemed perfectly logical (and exciting) to go to breakfast.

It’s easy for kids to be full of ideas and excitement – there are no limits on what can happen in their mind.

While it’s true that we have more responsibilities as adults, it’s also true that we create way more limits on ourselves than is necessary.  Our thinking gets so narrow and we stop seeing options of how to do things differently, or what is possible to create in our life.

I know you’ve had a glimpse into this phenomenon.  Think about what it’s like when you leave town and go somewhere new.  You see the world with a bigger and broader vision.  You see that more is possible and that there’s more options in life that you think about in the daily grind.

Perhaps the key to greater happiness and greater growth… is keeping this broader vision alive and well.

When it comes to the monotony of mom life – it’s easy to see limits on what’s possible. A few simple questions can help you see things in a new light.

In the day to do, the boredom, or the overwhelm, write down and ask yourself a few simple questions:

How can I make this more fun?

What new options are available?

How can I create what I want?

A few mind-opening questions can make a world of difference.

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Have a great day, one thought at a time…

with love,

Molly Claire

Mompreneur, Life Change Agent