Never feel overwhelmed again: The simple secret

Math is so easy.
It always works.

My mom used to tell me she loved math because 2+2, always equals 4.
There is no guessing game and even better, it’s the secret to eliminating the feeling of overwhelm.

Last week, Janet told me that her desk was such a mess.  Every time she thought “it’s such a mess,” she felt defeated.
And the more she thought about her desk, the more overwhelmed she became.
Her desk wasn’t really overwhelming; her desk was really just math.

1 desk.  3 piles of paper.  25 to do items.  4 books to sort and find a home for.  15 things to throw away.  You get the idea.

And each item required a certain amount of time.  5 minutes.  10 minutes.  1 hour.
When we quantified each item and gave it a time frame, the desk didn’t seem so bad. When we scheduled each task like an appointment, there was no need to feel overwhelmed, or wonder if it would get cleaned up.  It was already decided – as good as done.

How can you use math to your advantage?  What task seems to be overwhelming to you?
What’s the math involved and how can you schedule that math to make completion inevitable?

Do it.  You’ve got this.

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Have a great week!  xo

-Molly Claire

Best Selling Author, Life Redesign Coach for Moms and Mompreneurs