Overwhelmed, Worried, Confused. Let’s have cake, Mom.

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When we think about indulging, we usually think about cake or chocolate.  We want to enjoy something in the moment, even if we know it’s not best in the long term.

We usually tell ourselves we are being nice to ourselves when we indulge.

Sometimes we are.  And sometimes we aren’t.

Did you know we indulge in emotions too?

Jessica is indulging in the emotion of overwhelm.

She has some decisions in her life that she is afraid to make.  She believes these decisions will hurt others.  Instead of making a decision, she tells herself, “I don’t know what to do,” which creates a lot of overwhelm for her.

She indulges in this emotion, which keeps her from actually making a decision.  “I don’t know” and overwhelm keep her “safe” from having to make a decision.

Overwhelm is much easier than fear.  Choosing overwhelm helps her in the moment, but it isn’t helping her in the long term.

Sometimes it’s easier to stay in a space of overwhelm and “I don’t know,” than it is to face what’s true.  

Just like it’s always easy to enjoy a slice of double-fudge cake.

Do you indulge in worry?

Do you indulge in confusion?

Do you indulge in overwhelm?

If any one of these are a big part of your life, then think for a minute.

Why are you choosing to indulge in that emotion? What is it keeping you safe from?  And is it best for you in the long term?

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire

Mompreneur, Life Change Agent