Quick Tip for Success

I can’t believe I am going to say this but, quantum physics is the most exciting thing in my life right now!
Today I shared with my subscribers a quick tip that relates to science.
We’ve all heard things like, “think positive,” but how many people actually believe it makes a difference?
All those inspiring quotes about thoughts – they actually have a lot of merit.
Quantum physics studies show the incredible power of thoughts. Thoughts are ENERGY.
What if you knew that thoughts directed at water during the freezing process actually influenced its shape? A video I watched recently showed this phenomenon where negative thoughts caused water to look shattered when frozen, while positive thoughts formed ice in the shape of a snowflake.
THAT is mind blowing!
If thoughts are that powerful, don’t you think it’s time you paid a little more attention to yours?
My clients come to me with hopes of becoming a better parent, to have more success in their life, or to improve relationships; guess what, it all starts with your thoughts.
I often tell my clients – don’t believe everything you think! You can choose your thoughts.

Have you fallen into a rut of negative thought patterns? If so, imagine the shattered ice.
What if making a conscious effort to change your thoughts and be more positive could result in awesome success?
So here is the QUICK TIP that I’m offering you:
Each day start off with 10-15 minutes of positive literature. Choose something that inspires you and brings feelings of gratitude, love, hope, or excitement.
Not a big reader? No problem – there are so many inspiring videos online – find them and commit to making it a habit.
Decide what speaks to YOU and brings you positive and inspiring thoughts. Take the challenge and watch it make you a better parent, employee, friend, and a powerful agent for change.


Have a great day – one thought at a time!



P.S. Here is the video if you are curious: https://www.knowledgeoftoday.org/2012/03/thought-definition-life-energy-power.html