say goodbye

Is it hard for you to say goodbye to your ex, your old life, or the negative feelings you have?

I understand how you feel.

This week in my Single Moms Thriving group we talked about letting go.

Saying goodbye to someone you once loved can be really hard.

Letting go of resentment and anger can be hard too.

Letting go of the dream you had for your life – can sometimes be the hardest of all.

We usually hang on to the past only because we believe it’s all we’ve got.

We are afraid to let it go because we think letting it go means loneliness, emptiness or despair.

Your brain is wrong on this one. Dead wrong.

Hanging on to the past is actually creating the loneliness, emptiness and despair. It’s prolonging suffering. It’s keeping you stuck. It’s keeping you away from what you want the very most.

I promise.

Would you be willing to let go if it meant you’d be making space in your life for something new?

The past… resentment… regret… they all keep you stuck.

Moving forward is the path to your hopes and dreams. It’s where possibility lies.

It’s where fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction are found.

The future is where you’ll create all of it. Are you ready?

Have a beautiful weekend- you deserve it.

-Molly Claire