School’s Out: Help for Mom

I used to always be so well-prepared for the first day of summer.
And knew it would be amazing.
I knew this was the year that we’d do chores like clockwork.  Everyone would read every day and keep up on their math.  Everyone would be happy and we’d have amazing outings.

Then, the first day home from school would come.  And it was a nightmare.

No one was getting along.  No one wanted to do chores.  The level of noise and energy was more than I could handle.
How could this be?  I had it all planned?

The last few years I’ve been less prepared and yet that first day has been better than ever.It’s not because everyone did their chores or got along.  And it certainly wasn’t quiet.
It was my thinking that changed the situation.

I used to believe that my plans meant things would go smoothly.  This belief caused a lot of stress for me.
I came to realize that no matter what plans I did or did not have, the change of pace was an adjustment.  A new routine and new expectations took time to get used to.
It’s always an adjustment.

This thought, “it’s an adjustment” changed everything for me.

When I knew that nothing was supposed to go smoothly, the things that went well were a pleasant surprise. When I knew that unhappiness was inevitable, it didn’t seem to be much of a problem.
And just knowing that the chaos wasn’t a permanent state but simply an adjustment – I could be at peace with the day as it was, not expecting it to be different.

And so, please borrow my thought as school lets out.  It’s an adjustment.  Things will be up and down, out of sorts and loud.  It’s all an adjustment and it’s okay.

Have a great day, one thought at a time!

-Molly Claire
Life Redesign Coach, Mompreneur