Scrambled or Over Easy?

How do you want to experience this holiday season?

This is the week that everyone is scrambling to get things done before the holidays.

If this is you, please consider stopping the scramble.

Scrambling your brain with panic, rush and pressure is just not worth it. It’s ineffective and miserable. It leaves us irritable and causes us to miss out on all the things we COULD be enjoying.

Is that how you want to experience this time of year?

Not me.

When we create a high level of stress for ourselves, we are never at our best. We are inefficient. We are so focused on our “to dos” that we miss the important things happening in our lives.

Before you try to fit more in to your day, rush to finish, or create unnecessary stress over a million little things…

Stop. Breathe. Assess.

Take a moment… so you don’t end up missing the little moments.

Here are a few key questions to guide you this week (and help you pare down your to do list):

1. What’s most important?
2. How can I better align with my priorities?
3. What can I let go of?

And most important:

4. How do I want to experience this week… and how can I create that?

I want to experience this week being fully present. I want to focus on relationships first. I want to look for the best in everyone. I want to minimize my stress and maximize efficiency.

What about you? How can you create what you want?

-Molly Claire
Life Redesign Coach, Mompreneur