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Single Mom Pressure

*Friday Love Note* and Single Mom Pressure –

Last week, in a moment of raw honesty, my single mom client told me how hard it is when her kids are melting down at church. She hates that she needs help. She feels embarrassed. She thinks she should be able to handle it all. And when she can’t, she feels… weak.

“I feel like a failure,” she said. “I want everyone to know I’m just as good as they are.”

The pressure she feels to hold it together as a single mom – is familiar to 99% of us who have walked this road.

And so, we talked about it.

We talked about how she is human, and so is everyone else.

None of us are ever going to be perfect, and we aren’t supposed to be. We all have things we need help with – and we are supposed to need help sometimes. That’s why we are all here together on earth- to connect, to learn, to help, to lift, to grow.

Then we talked about something even more important – her worth.

Her worth as a human soul, isn’t based on what she does, what others see her do, or what her kids do.

Her worth, has already been decided. She is of worth – just as she is. Nothing she can say or do can ever take away from that.

It’s not up for debate.

The same is true for me. The same is true for you.

Your worth has already been decided. You are of divine descent – and that is something magnificent. Be kind to yourself.

Remind yourself that a little help is okay sometimes. In fact, its part of the plan.

Offer yourself a little grace. Be your own best friend. Cut yourself some slack.

Have a beautiful weekend – you deserve it!

-Molly Claire