Sweet Peace of Chocolate

Okay moms, confession time.

Where do you hide your secret chocolate stash?  The closet?  The laundry room?

Where do you go for your moment of peace?

For me, chocolate chips in the pantry always seem to be an easy fix. So handy and so small that no matter how many you eat, it doesn’t really count as calories, right?

This tiny little habit is a clue to something much bigger.

Most likely you are not hiding and locking yourself in a confined space with chocolate because you lack self-control.

You are responding to an emotional need or hunger you have.

Let’s get curious for a minute…

What if that moment of desperation is a clue that some of your emotional needs are not being met?  Many people joke about “eating your feelings,” but it’s actually true!

Emotions are vibrations in the body and the overwhelmed, tired and desperate type of feelings do not feel good.  Your emotional need for peace, or whatever feeling you desire, is easily distracted by that chocolate.

However if hunger is not the problem, then food is not the solution.

You take care of everyone around you, please don’t leave yourself behind! I know you will say there is no time for it. You might even say it’s impossible.  But I promise – it’s not.

If you had a broken leg, would you say it was impossible to make the time to take care of it?

It’s easy to dismiss emotional distress or breaks, but make no mistake about it, they are every bit as important as physical ones. Many would argue that they are even MORE important. Not to mention there are connections between poor emotional health and physical health problems.

So, think about it. Do you need to adjust your schedule to make sure your needs are being met?

If your emotional needs were met, would it make a difference?

Would it have a positive impact on you? Your family? Your job? Your life? If the answer is yes, then wouldn’t it be worth it to make it happen?
If you think it might be worth it, here is a quick challenge:

Set an appointment for yourself everyday for 15 minutes.  Not just any appointment, but the kind that charges a fee if you miss it.

Use that time to read, rest, listen to music, walk, laugh… anything that will truly rejuvenate you.

Do that for a week straight and notice how you feel.  How do you feel when the 15 minutes is up?  How does that small change impact your day?  How does it impact your week.

One small appointment can go a long way.  Make it happen.

Need help getting started?  Click here for a mini-session to start your personal self-care plan.

with love,

Molly Claire

Mompreneur, Life Redesign Coach