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I remember when I first started dating after divorce and all I could think was, “Who would want me now?”

3 kids, stretch marks, wrinkles… dating in my mini-van?

Wow, quite a package that I offer. 

Thank goodness I didn’t let that stop me.  I relied on my coach and my own coaching tools to remind myself that the only person who could decide if I was worth dating or not – was me.

And that someone who would want me – would actually want me… and not someone else.

They would want someone with the growth I had experienced.  They would value what I have to offer. They would connect with the person I am – kids, wrinkles, baggage and all.

I also knew that I had to believe I was worth it, before I could expect anyone else to believe it.

And so, I did.

I want to help you do the same…

This month we are talking all about dating after divorce in my membership!  It’s not too late to join and you can dig into this week’s content right away.  We talked on Wednesday about, “How do I know when I’m ready to date?”  and I’ve got a great success guide in the member’s area that you can start on as soon as you sign up.

Next week we will be talking more about this email as we approach the question, “Who would want me now?”  We will focus on creating confidence in who you are, exactly as you are.  It’s unbelievable work we are doing this month – don’t miss out!

Email me at to get immediate access to my Heal, Survive, and Thrive e-course.  We’ll get you connected on our membership site and give you access to this last week’s coaching call as well.

Until then – will you decide today that you’re worth it?  Will you choose to believe that you’re lovable exactly as you are? 

I dare you to.
It’s so much fun.

Have a beautiful weekend – you deserve it!

-Molly Claire


This week in my single mom membership group we talked about dating.

So fun, right? 
Or scary. Or fascinating.  Or however you want to look at it.

It can be crazy to think about dating again after a decade or two of marriage.  I know it was for me.

We talked yesterday about the most important first step in starting a new relationship…

Which is the relationship you have with yourself.
The relationship you have with yourself is how you treat yourself and how you talk to yourself.
It’s what you think about you and how you have your own back (or not).

If I’m kind to myself, then I’ll expect a partner to treat me the same way.
If I like who I am, then I’ll believe I’m worth being with someone who is amazing to me.

Cultivating a good relationship with yourself and practicing positive self-talk is the best first step in finding a great match for you.
Take some time to evaluate today how you treat yourself.

What things do you say to yourself on a regular basis?
Do you like those things, or do you want to say something different to yourself? 

Be your own best friend.
Look for the good in yourself.
Encourage yourself.

I promise that when you do this, you’ll invite others into your life who will treat you the same way.

Oh, and if you want to claim a complimentary trial spot in my membership group Click Here and use coupon code “Yes2You.”  You can join us for next week’s call online.

Have an amazing weekend – you deserve it.
-Molly Claire

dating after divorce

*Friday Love Note* and dating after divorce.

Last week on Facebook, I saw this hysterical quote on dating:

Dating after 40 is easy.
It’s like riding a bike.
But the bike is on fire.
And the ground is on fire.
Everything is on fire.
Because you’re in hell.

It made me laugh out loud, and yet I totally disagree.

I have a very different view on dating and because of that, I experience it in a totally different way.

Dating is so much better when you know yourself, who you are, and what you want.

It’s so fun to realize that you have a choice in who you spend your time with.

It’s exciting to know that you get to make up new rules in your life, now that “the plan” didn’t work out.

It’s full of ups and downs, but it’s the ultimate next step in self-discovery and creating a fresh start.

If you relate to the Facebook post, try a few of these on for size…

What if dating is a great way to figure out what I want?

What if dating can be easy?
What if dating can be fun?
What if doing scary things is how I get to enjoy the best things in life?

Think about it.

Have a great weekend – you deserve it!

-Molly Claire