Divorced at 21

This week on the podcast I interviewed a brilliant and amazing woman who was divorced at age 21.

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She and I met at a hotel gym believe it or not (see the unfiltered picture of us below).

We connected over common experiences on the treadmill that day.

We talked about fears, bravery, judgment from others, and even the idea of coming to terms with possibly being single forever. She’s now remarried and a mother of 6. It was so fun to connect and learn about her journey.

My favorite part was talking with her about how big divorce seems when you’re in the middle of it, but as life and times goes on…it’s just one small part of a larger life.

I know you can probably relate.

I think you’ll love her perspective – make the time to listen this weekend.

In the meantime, today, think about what you’ve learned so far in your experience post-divorce. What’s been the biggest lesson learned? What advice would you give someone going through it now?

Celebrate how far you’ve come.
Enjoy the lessons learned.
Give yourself a little love today.

Have a beautiful weekend – you deserve it!

-Molly Claire


Single Mom: Easier or not?

It’s time for your *Friday Love Note,* because you deserve it.

This week there were conflicting comments on my facebook link.
Is it easier to be a single mom?  Or harder?
Two women were in total disagreement.

So, who was right?  
The answer – can be found in my client’s stories.

Sarah feels that life as a single mom is so much better.  Her marriage was a huge weight.  She felt like she was alone in her marriage pretty much from the beginning.  She feels so much relief.  And now, even with it’s challenges – it’s just a matter of creating a great future.

Jessica – had a totally different experience.  Her marriage was great!  Until it wasn’t.  She had so many years of happiness and connection.  They had a great life together and now, she feels the void. For her, she’s working to create balance and happiness again.  One day at a time.

Neither is right, and neither is wrong.  Everyone has a story, and where you are is exactly where you should be.

For today, take a moment to remind yourself that wherever you are – is perfect.

Whatever is hard for you today – won’t always be hard. 
You’ll figure it out – you always do.

Look at how far you’ve come.
Think about the best parts of your life.
Imagine the brightness of your future. 

Yes, let your mind go there.

Have a great weekend, one thought at a time!
And take amazing care of yourself…


-Molly Claire