The Lull: Productive and Fun


For most of us the week between holidays is a lull between special days. There’s work to do, but we also want quality family time.

It’s in weeks like these that it’s difficult to be productive. We aren’t as focused as we could be. Sometimes we think, “why bother?” and put even less effort into trying to be focused.

I say this is the BEST time to be extremely focused.

As you start your week, decide ahead of time exactly what work or projects you will finish. Schedule them in and give yourself a very specific time frame to accomplish them.
Then, let the rest go…

Our tendency is to have this idea floating around in the back of our head that we “should” be doing more. I don’t believe it. I should be doing exactly what I said I would do. I’m going to do it within the time frame that I planned to do it. Then, I won’t think about it.

How can you make the lull productive and fun? You are the one who gets to decide how you will experience this week. I recommend making that decision on purpose, rather than by default.

-Molly Claire
Mompreneur, Life Redesign Coach

Freeze Time

This week I wish I could freeze time. Every day I watch my teenager tower over me just a bit more. I’m not sure when he became so grown up. He’s my right-hand man and he always holds the door for me when we are out and about.

Just yesterday I was picking out the perfect train set for him. It came in a box with a red lid and his eyes lit up on Christmas morning. He was loud and full of energy.

Now he’s quiet and he sleeps in.

I’m not sure when this all happened. Did I miss it? Did I blink too long? I’m not sure.

In all truth, I don’t want to freeze time… I just want to experience time.

I want to be mentally present with my kids every day. I want to notice what’s happening around me, instead of thinking about what’s next. I want to have conversations about more than just chores and homework. I want to make the most important things a priority now, instead of believing there will be time later.

There is time right now.

Whatever good is happening for you right now in your life, please experience it a little more. Make more of it. Do more of it. Love it more. Love them more.