The Worst Party Ever.

Every once in a while we get tempted to have a pity party.

It seems that life is not just raining, but it’s pouring.  Will it ever stop?  How can I handle all of this?  On and on our brain goes.

A pity party seems like exactly what we need.  We want people to know how hard it is.  We want to coddle ourselves a bit and say – “this is really terrible, I know.”

Don’t be fooled by the pity party.  It’s the worst party to be invited to.  Everyone ends up sad and feeling totally powerless. Especially the host.

There is no upside to a pity party.  It’s easy to think that we “deserve” to feel bad for ourselves.  It’s easy to think we are “justified” in being so miserable.

But wait, do we really WANT to feel bad?  Do we really want to find reasons to be miserable?  The tricky thing about a pity party is that it seems like we are being kind to ourselves by having it… as if we are doing ourselves a favor.

But we’re not. Not even a little bit.

When you start to look for evidence that you should be miserable… you will always find it.
When you start to prove to yourself that things are terrible and ask things like, “why me?”  you will always feel worse.
Please cancel this party immediately.  No one ever has a good time.  And it doesn’t make anything better. Ever.

Powerful questions are a great way to let a little light into the dark tunnel of misery.  They peak curiosity in your brain and create inspiration.  Here are a few favorites of mine – take a look and keep them handy.  You never know when you’ll need a reminder that misery is optional.

What can I learn from this?
How will this make me better?
What’s the good news about this situation?
How can I use this experience to help others?


If you are stuck in this rut – let’s chat!  My mini-session is the perfect jump start to seeing lie in a new light.  Let’s do it. It’s free.

Have a great day – one thought at a time…