Tip Toe Toward Amazing

tip toe forward

Welcome to the New Year.

Who will you become this year?

What will you create?

365 days from now – what will be different?

I promise you nothing will be the same.

Sometimes we *think* not meeting new goals simply means standing still. It doesn’t.

“Standing still” in your life creates evidence that you can’t move forward.

If you aren’t moving toward your goals, then (by default) you will be moving further away from them.

Setting big goals can be overwhelming, which is why I always recommend breaking your goals down into bite size pieces. Taking a big leap for yourself usually begins with just a tip toe forward.

What if 2017 is the year that you tip toe toward your goals?

What if a million small steps take you somewhere new this year?

What if all you need to do is create a plan, and stay the course?

I know that’s the way. If you want to create a seriously amazing life – then you need to take your life seriously.

I love the quote from Edward Norton, “Hey, you want to be taken seriously? Take things seriously. Do the work. Don’t coast.”

If 2017 is your year – then make a plan. Now. Break it down. Do the work. Make Magic.

Want a little help? That’s what I’m here for. Click here for a mini-session to talk about your 2017 vision. Life’s too short to let it pass you by. Create something amazing for yourself.

Best wishes for an amazing year ahead!

-Molly Claire